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Faith in God has played a pivotal role in my life in recent years. I firmly believe that I met the love of “MY” life along the way due to his love and guidance. And so I introduce Tori. We've been together for 5 years now and filming weddings since 2020.  When we are not filming, you can find us spending countless hours with our mini aussies, bumming in on the beach down in the Outer Banks, or ripping up the slopes in Colorado during the winter. We never back down from a great show, paired with the best bottle of wine!

With that, we only take 10-12 weddings per year to allow us more time to focus on getting to know our couple at a deeper level. Our goal is to always create thought provoking,and emotionally driven films that will last for generations to come.

We do not outsource any of our work & handle the creation of your film from start to finish in house. 

As far back as even being a kid, I have always been borderline obsessive with the cinema world. I couldn’t necessarily tell you who starred in what movie, but I could go on and on about how a certain scene was shot, what lens they used, how the film was color graded, or how the sound design was structured. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this then for a living! 8 years into filmmaking, I could not be more excited to continue learning, creating unique films, and meeting new couples.

We both have such a creative look on life, and we like to express that by any means necessary through our couple's films. “No film should be like the last” and we truly hold ourselves accountable to that statement. While we have an established overall “style” in how we typically edit and color grade, no two couple’s love is the same which means their film should reflect that.

From meeting initially at our old job in recruiting, to falling in love at the beach, going to numerous concerts, and enjoying the fine wine of France, Tori and I have lived an incredible life together. We were lucky enough to edit our own film (thanks to our friends at Axis Film Company). We hope you enjoy OUR story, and the cinematic experience we wanted to bring with this film.


A visual story about us.

we learn to love even more as we capture love ourselves.

The way the light catches her hair, the texture on the trees, the sounds of elation from your family, and the soft quiet moments in between. We document it all.

We create legacy films,
not the next trendy highlight..

Thought provoking stories

Our ideal couple and their wedding day will not look and feel the same. While we love an extravagant floral driven backyard tent wedding, a beautiful white dress strolling through the grape vineyards of Western Virginia, and the sound of the waves crashing as vows are exchanged on the beach, EVERY couple's story is unique to us no matter who and where it is.  Our ideal client IS the couple who wants their story told in an artful and intentional way.


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